Swap Advisory Services

SJ Advisors specializes in structuring, modifying, and terminating interest-rate swaps, option-based features of interest rate swaps, and related hedging products, such as caps and floors. This highly technical area requires specialized systems and knowledge. We can help demystify the complexities of swaps so that our clients understand the risks and market opportunities with our Swap Advisory Services.

Interest rate swaps have been misunderstood, yet remain a suitable product for many situations. We can help you understand the pros and cons of synthetic versus traditional structures and decide whether they make sense for your institution and financing.

SJ Advisors has assisted clients with implementation of the ISDA Protocols under the Dodd-Frank Act. We have also acted as an expert witness and have helped clients work through issues caused by defaulting swap counterparties.

Our Swap Advisory services include:

How we make a difference: